Reputed manufacturer and exporter of highest quality Industrial Adhesives, Wood Adhesive Glue, Starch Based Adhesives, Wood Adhesives Tapes.
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Wood Adhesive
Starch Based Adhesives
Resin Based Adhesives
Paper Adhesive
Animal Glue Based Adhesives
Wood Adhesive Glue, Wood Adhesive Tapes, Industrial Wood Adhesive, Wood  Starch Adhesives Paper Adhesive Glue, Wood Paper Adhesive Tapes, Paper Adhesive Tapes, Industrial Paper Adhesive Glue

About Us

We are in the business of manufacturing a wide range of Adhesives, Gums and Animal Glue for the requirements in various types of Industries. Our operations were started in the year 1992.

Manufacturing Facilities

We possess machineries like Batch Type Jacketed Reactors for cooking, extraction, de-polymerization and polymerization. Triple Effect Evaporator for concentration, Drum drier for Drying and Pulveriser.

Our experienced Technicians meet all specific requirements of users.

Special Features

We develop adhesives with exceptional attributes like:
  • Shelf life of six months for liquid products and one year for powder products.
  • The finished products show remarkable Fungal Resistance when exposed to Humid Atmosphere.
  • Consistency in quality
  • High bond strength

Contact Us

S P Associates

Mr. P.D. Sundar Singh
Add : 37, Alandur Road, Saidapet
Chennai - 600015. India
Ph. : +91-44-23813356
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Wood Adhesive
Polyvinyl acetate water based adhesive used generally to paste Wood-to-Wood, Laminate, Mica and other materials. Finds application in Handicraft Industry, Furniture Industry Pencil and Matchbox Industry.

Starch Based Adhesives
Starch based adhesives are used in Corrugation, Paper Conversion, Packaging and Pharmaceutical Industries (for Labeling by manual and Automatic Machines).

Resin Based Adhesives
Resin based adhesives find applications in Wood working, Packaging, FRP, Sticker, Stationery, etc.

Paper Adhesive
A wide range of paper adhesive suppliers and exporters. Used in making Paper Envelopes, Paper Boxes, Paper Bags and also in Book Binding.

Animal Glue Based Adhesives
Animal Glue based adhesives find application in abrasives, safety matches, coatings, Gum Tapes, Textile Sizing, etc.

Product Specification

SP 901 Light coloured free flowing liquid - Quick drying and fast tack Cream colored thick liquid - Quick drying and fast tack Display Cartons manufacture (Board to Board and Board to Art Paper Pasting using Roller Applicators). Special Feature -Fungal resistant in humid climate.  
SP 904 Creamy white thick paste Display Cartons manufacture (Board to Art Paper using Screen Applicator), Side Pasting of Cartons. Special Feature - Fungal resistant in humid climate.
SP 150 Transparent Free Flowing Liquid Glass Bottle Labeling (Manual Application)
SP 350 Transparent Thick Free Flowing Liquid Glass Bottle Labeling (Machine Application)
SP 505 Cream coloured liquid Tin Labeling
SP 105 Creamy white thick Paste Bookbinding, Carton Side Pasting
SP Flap Gum Dark Brown free flowing liquid Quick Drying Corrugated Cartons Sealing
SP 607 Transparent Colorless Liquid Packaging, Stationery, FRP
BINDER Transparent, Thick and Colorless liquid Ceramics
SP 605 Milky white liquid Lamination of films to Paperboard
SP 645 Milky white liquid Sticker manufacture
Animal Glue Pale Brown Flakes or Dark Brown Sheets of different gel. Strong and viscous. Safety matches, Abrasives, Gum Tapes, Paints, etc.
SP 950 P White Powder Corrugated Paperboard
SP 951 P Pale Brown Powder Corrugated Paperboard
SP 950 L Pale Brown Liquid Corrugated Paperboard
SP 951 L Dark Brown Liquid Corrugated Paperboard

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